Frog and Our Global Partners

Around the world, Frog and its partners are busy doing what they do best - delivering quality solutions for their customers. Just because you're not in NZ, doesn't mean we can't help you. If you contact any of our partners below and mention the Frog, you'll be sure to receive some VIP treatment.

Here in New Zealand we work alongside some of the premier technology partners to deliver a variety of services:

Jingaz are based in Auckland and was founded in 2008. They specialise in producing mobile applications for authors, industry and in-house projects. They produce applications for Apple iOS devices, the Android Market Place and custom mobile applications for business, industry and government bodies.

YouDo are a Wellington based software company that is passionate about creating beautiful, usable and powerful software for mission critical systems in the energy and financial sectors.  They pride themselves on grasping the most complex of problems and producing technology solutions that simplify. YouDo are also behind Beetil, the World's easiest IT service management system.

Greenkeeper Systems is committed to developing software products which address issues of financial and environmental pressure. Helen Joronen company CEO says "The IT Sector currently creates a greater carbon footprint than the aviation industry. In response to this staggering fact Greenkeeper Systems has built a server based power management application. In the simplest terms we ensure desktop and laptop computers are switched off when they are not in use. Organizations around the world are under pressure to reduce both operating costs and carbon emissions. The Greenkeeper achieves both these objectives whilst providing significant flow on benefits in terms of IT management, security and audit." Read more about Greenkeeper here.

In the UK we only work with a select few, and these are the ones with proven delivery skills in business technology solutions:

Lane Systems Ltd provide quality solutions tailored for your business, from custom application development to outsourced management of your infrastructure.  Michel Lane, the founder is passionate about technology, driving his company into customer service excellence and a number 1 choice for your outsourcing needs.  Lane Systems takes a holistic view of your organisation and provides end to end service delivery for all your IT needs.

UK-based iemedia solutions provides high quality still and animated computer generated imagery at very competitive rates to a broad range of
companies including those in the medical, bio- and nano-technology sectors. They transform the client’s brief into stunning visuals that both capture attention and also clearly convey core concepts. Their dedicated team hold science degrees (covering the fields of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Electronics, Mathematics, Physiology, and Physics) and have over 30 years of industrial/research experience enabling them to understand and interpret complex requirements.

The United States has an incredibly large technology market with many high quality service providers across the country:

We chose to partner with msbware and have worked with them for a number of years now. Founder Michael Berman says 'We develop web-based software that creates simple, easy to use solutions for complicated problems.  We listen to your needs and make sure the product we deliver meets or exceeds every one of them.  We can custom develop your software to do anything you require, from integration with 3rd party systems to making your day-to-day tasks easier."

Think you make the grade to join our global partner program? Get in touch to find out more.